What it means to be a Moriah Hounsell Couple

Firstly, my goal is not to deliver a set amount of images that checks off all of your required shots. My goal is to be your new best friend.


Because what I see and feel is what I take pictures of, plain and simple. For every couple I work with, I need to know and connect with them before the big day so that when I walk in, I know what I’m shooting for.

I’m shooting for a few weeks from now when I deliver those final images, and take your breath away with the level of detail I was able to capture.

I’m shooting for your one year anniversary when you flip through your wedding photos and can be brought back to that amazing day with all your friends and family like it was just yesterday.

I’m shooting for your grand-kids, who will look at the photos you’ve framed and will see who you were and still are today.

I’m not shooting for a shotlist, I’m shooting for all generations of your family to come.

So, how do we get to know each other?

First, we meet in person or on video chat, and we’ll just chat. I’ll tell you a little more about myself and why I love doing what I do, and hopefully you’ll do the same.

We’ll schedule in an engagement shoot and grab a beer after. That way we know how we’ll best work together during the wedding.

I will check in regularly to make sure I have the best understanding of what’s most important about your day - family, friends, food, all of it. And it’s always good to check in just in case plans change, cuz that’s how life is.

Day of the wedding, I’ll get to the location nice and early, and scope out the best spots for shooting in. I do this even if I’ve been to your location before, because things always change in this neck of the woods.

And I’m there until the dancing is well underway and the cake has been cut, always.

After the wedding, I get right to work editing and selecting your final images. This process takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the season, but during this time I’ll be sneaking you some of my favorites to tide you over.

Instagram waits for no man.

When the images are complete, I share them online for everyone to view and download at their leisure. Online galleries are available for 6 months after I share them online, but they can be reuploaded later as needed for a fee.

Server time ain’t cheap yo.

Although our working relationship is over, my hope and dreams are that we’ve become such great friends that we’ll keep meeting up for beers and to chat, because that’s the kind of relationship I want with all of my clients.


Sound good? Good. Let’s make it happen