Maine Backyard Wedding: Patrick and Morgan at Stonecrest


When Morgan reached out to me to see if I was available to photograph her late summer wedding in Maine, I was thrilled. Her older sister Caitlin and I have been best buds since middle school, and I have so many fond memories of Morgan being a feisty ball of energy, and yet had such a good heart that I could even appreciate at such a young age. I knew that whoever had scored her heart was in for a fun ride.

I briefly met the lucky guy while I was a bridesmaid in Caitlin’s wedding a few years back, but it wasn’t until we met during a friend weekend getaway that I really got to know him. Patrick presents himself as a very serious guy, but in all reality he’s one of the sweetest grooms I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His reaction when seeing Morgan walk into the room is a beautiful mix of softness and pride, and this was amplified on their wedding day.

If you’ve seen my highlights from 2018, you know that Patrick and Morgan’s first look was one of my favorites. Please enjoy these wonderful images of Patrick taking in just how beautiful Morgan is.

I love first looks since it takes allllll the pressure off of getting your photos done during cocktail hour, plus we get to have some fun. This group made taking group photos an absolute delight..

The very important ring bearers and I had a great time playing the “run to me as fast as you can” game, which hopefully tired them out so I could grab some sweet little portraits of them standing still for a hot second. Sawyer was happy to oblige for one quick little family portrait, and it’s one of my favorites.

When Morgan wants something done, she can rally the troops like no one I’ve ever seen. The little fireball lives on to this day and I love it.


And now it’s time to party 💃

Fun moment number a million was when Katie decided to propose to Morgan during her cocktail hour. Morgan obviously jumped at the chance to add more bling to her repertoire so she said yes.

Thank you Morgan and Patrick for inviting me along to document such a fun and kick-ass party. I know that your lives together is gonna be full of the best inside jokes and many Tennessee Mules.