Lakeside Sunset Proposal: Anne and Arlo in Burlington, Vermont


When I was originally planning for Anne and Arlo’s session a few weeks back, I was expecting a fun afternoon hanging out, getting to know these two a little better, and getting some rad outdoor pictures after way too long of a winter cooped up indoors. After we had a picked a date in early May, Arlo secretly emailed me to tell me he was planning on proposing to Anne during the session.

I was thrilled about this not only because I’m a proposal junkie at this point (see my story from a proposal I did this past winter), but because Anne is also a wedding photographer, and surprising her was going to be such an honor. The first surprise proposal I ever experienced was one I helped Anne execute, and I felt so jazzed to make it happen for her.

Arlo and I quickly came up with a plan on how he’d popped the question (ie, Arlo had the vision and I was totally on board with it). I’d prompt her to turn away from Arlo, and then turn back around to get her natural expression when she saw him. I had Arlo do it first, and his reaction to her was so precious.


I’ll let the rest of these photos speak for themselves, but needless to say, we got her.

We then carried on with our couples-turned-engagement session, and did we ever get a beautiful Lake Champlain sunset. I have never been more psyched for a sunset than I was that night.

Thank you Arlo and Anne for trusting me with capturing such a special moment in your lives. To copy what Anne was saying after she got over the initial shock of the surprise, “I’m so glad it was you.”

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