June 2017: Scotland!

What with the negative temps that have been going on recently (hello -20, how I've missed you) it's been a great time to play editing catchup. Right in time for my brother's birthday I've finally had a chance to go through all the gorgeous shots I got of our trip to Scotland.

After landing in Edinburgh from an overnight flight we immediately picked up our rental and drove north to the Isle of Skye. In retrospect this might not have been the wisest choice, what with a) jetlag b) driving a standard transmission on the wrong side of the road c) THE ROADS ARE LUDICROUSLY NARROW. Driving past a vehicle made me have 'oh god I'm never gonna see a pizza again' moments more than once. There's also official rules for allowing people to pass if you're a slowpoke. Needless to say we were the slowest of pokes and pulled over constantly.

Not that we minded - these green hills were some of the most beautiful scenery I'd ever seen. Taking our time was some of my favorite parts of the whole trip. We even got a cloudless sky on our first day, which is a rarity in this part of the world. Once I started taking pictures the clouds were back, but I think this only shows the true beauty of this wild country even better.

Also as soon as I saw our first Highland cow I immediately had us pull over. I mean look at it.

A few days later we drove back south to Edinburgh and made a pit stop at Loch Ness, because tourists. We were tourists.

My brother also insisted on getting a kilt. Wearing it on our last day in Scotland he was approached more than once by people who thought he was a local. I'm certain he's wearing it like a hipster wearing a three piece suit, but we still got a good laugh from it.

Oh and also scotch. So much good scotch.

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