Aug 26 2017: Sarah and Jeff's Wedding at the Notch House

This past August I had the wonderful opportunity to travel up north to Lake Willoughby and boy was I excited. Not only because I was going to capture some truly beautiful scenery, but mostly because Sarah and Jeff (and Marley the dog of course) are awesome, so I knew their wedding was gonna be awesome too.

I was more than right about that. Sarah and Jeff are some of the most detail oriented people I know, and every part of their big day was literally made by hand - right down to the labels on their wine bottles. It was nuts. Also they had the largest wedding party I've ever worked with (20+ people!) and they were all awesome. I even got to use a megaphone at one point, so suffice it to say I had a blast.

The best part of all was how much love I got to capture. You could really tell that every single person at this wedding really love Sarah and Jeff, which really isn't a surprise. These two are so full of warmth and are truly some of the nicest people I know. There's a reason their wedding party was so huge, and I'm sure no small part of that is how much their friends and family mean to them. It was such a great day to be a part of.

Fun fact: Jeff's friends really enjoyed picking him up. Often.


Also I think their wedding wins hands down for best dance party pictures

Oh look at that they picked Jeff up again.

Congrats again Sarah and Jeff! Thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing day!