The Pet Project

You know what the best icebreaker is for me? Pets. If you even mention you have a dog you will not be able to get me to leave you alone until I know every single thing about them. I will get to know your pets on a much more personal level than I will with people. Just being honest.

I do find that if I have my camera with me and an animal appears, on a shoot or otherwise, I will interrupt whatever I'm doing to photograph them. They're just such natural models and I can't help myself. So I shouldn't have been that surprised when I found myself, on more than one occasion, scheduling photoshoots for people's pets. I've never considered myself an "animal photographer," but then again I'm not really a specialized photographer either, so why not include pets?

I've done so many of these now that I'm making it official. This is The Pet Project.

Let me know if you're interested ;-)


Catapult and Cannonball

Sampson and Sapphire


Harvey and Gideon