JoAnn and Haffet's Spring Wedding

On April 23rd I had the honor to be a guest at JoAnn's wedding in Saratoga Spring's Elks Lodge, and you couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful event. JoAnn and Haffet met when JoAnn was doing missionary work in Nicaragua, and she eventually brought him back to the States to tie the knot. I could have posted pictures of Haffet's reaction to seeing her walking down the aisle, but it was such a heartwarming moment that I decided t leave it for the two of them.

This was a wedding that took sentimental touches to the next level like I've never seen before. White and yellow Plumeria flowers, which are native to Haffet's country, were not only the main bouquet flower but also the motif for the cake and the bridal party's earrings as well.

 But the nicest moment was during the ceremony, when JoAnn made a memorial to her mother by releasing Monarch butterflies. They needed a second to get there bearings, but that just meant I could get some nice pictures before they flew off into the sunset.

Did mention they had a Best Dog? He only needed to take a potty break once during the ceremony.

The first dance was a really sweet moment too - the two were singing to each other through the whole song. You can tell their home will be full of song and laughter.

I also have to say that the decorations were pretty fabulous, even more so since it was all DIY. Hats off to all the crafty people who made it happen, the world is a better place because you exist.

Congratulations JoAnn and Haffet! Les deseo muchos años de felicidad.