Long Weekend LA

I'm super great at posting my personal photos in a timely manner. And by super great I mean super not great. But I did it! And it only took me a month to do it this time! Whoopee!

We went out to visit our friend Jeff out in Los Angeles for a long weekend back in February, and did not expect what a whirlwind trip it would be. Even going through my pictures afterword there were never 5 pictures in a row in the same place.

Manhattan beach on foggy mornings is some haunting stuff. Surfers coming out of the fog, only to disappear again... Maybe I should get into writing?

And we went to the aquarium. Of course. I love the lighting in those giant tanks.

I love how little difference there is in the expression between these two. It's official,  fish enthusiast = child.

Got your quintessential shot of the Hollywood sign. See it? Waayyy over there?

Griffith Park at night has some pretty sweet views. LA as far as the eye can see.

Hiking and Brunching in Malibu is some fancy stuff. And of course we went to Santa Monica to watch the sunset on our last night, mere hours before flying out to cold Vermont again. 10/10 would go again. The fish tacos were amazing.

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