Backpacking through Germany

Me and vacation pictures have a love-hate relationship. Sure, I love taking pictures of all the new and fun things I'm experiencing, but that's the thing - I want to experience it. Sometimes the camera separates me too much from enjoying the space I'm in, especially when I have to think about things like F-Stop and Shutter speed and whatnot. This normally isn't a problem for me, since taking the time to stop and take a picture is what makes me present in the moment. But when I'm traveling, I'm already present, because when will I be doing something like hiking the Black Forest again? So my usual tactic is to snap a quick picture and continue on. Which means when I finally get home to look at what I've done, I kick myself for not taking more time to take a good shot.

I think I found a balance with my trip to Germany. The quick shots I took with my phone (which were immediately shared on Facebook - hello family placation), and when I had more than a second before moving on to the next thing, I took my camera out for some quality time. Could I have shot more? Probably. Do I regret not? Not really. I still have four installments of images to share from a two week trip, so I think I did my photographer's duty. 

It was a two week sprint across Germany with my brother, with no time to ask why or how we were going to cram everything in. But we did it, we were the best American tourists that you ever did see.

One of the coolest day trips we went on was to the German Alps, where we took a cable car to the Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany - over 9,000 ft. I'm well aware of how images can't quite capture being in a breathtaking place, but guys - these images really don't do it justice.

We also made to to visit Dachau. Never in my life did I think I would see a concentration camp, but good lord. What people are capable of doing to each other.

And of course, we saw Castle Neuschwanstein, the Disney castle of Germany. I didn't really get any crazy unique shots here (because again, vacation, distraction.. you get the drill), but it was a very pretty sight to see.

So Germany is now checked off my travel bucket list. Next stop? I'm thinking Italy/France with my sister.

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