The Coutu Celebration

A few weekends back Amy and David celebrated their combined 40th birthdays / 11th wedding anniversary - talk about efficient! They held the event at the Arts Riot in Burlington, which I'm ashamed to say I hadn't visited until this event brought me there.  The space was nice and open for the 60+ guests as well as the Coutu-assembled party balloons, despite them getting tangled in the car.

The Coutu's had the ingenious idea of bringing hula hoops for the 20+ kids in attendance. The games they came up with were pretty hilarious, especially when they decided to trap one person in particular over and over again.

The highlight of the evening was definitely Tyme's Up, with David's brother Pete on bass. They covered everything from Billy Idol to Pink (per Amy's request) and got everyone on the dance floor.

The couple did manage a slow dance during the evening, even if it only lasted 10 seconds before their littlest one wanted to participate. It did make the moment cuter though.