Caitlin and Andrew Crawford Notch Engagement

One of my best friends is gettin' hitched. So as a natural response to the news, I stongarmed her into letting me document her engagement. I know, what a terrible friend I am.

I did have my own selfish reasons of course. Mostly in the form of Caitlin being so.frickin.cute. Like seriously, you should see the pictures of us from middle school. Totally adorbs.

So obviously that means capturing her and her freshly fianced man through my lens was completely necessary, and I have to say the results weren't too shabby. These two have so much fun energy, I had to give very little direction to get some great shots from them.

Not only was it fortunate that we were able to get the last good weekend of fall foliage, but it was literally days before they made the big move to Texas. Of course this was all planned last second.

Congrats Caitlin and Andrew! I'm so looking forward to celebrating your big day with you next fall!

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