Adventures on a Hill, aka Mt. Philo

This past Saturday it was too nice out to do our usual Saturday morning activity (aka lounging on the couch), but we were feeling too lazy to take on some all-day outdoor adventure. So Mt. Philo it was! It's definitely an instant gratification kind of hike - the view is quite spectacular.

Fun fact: Mt Philo is VT's oldest state park. The more you know!

On the way back down I made a point to stop and see what patterns I could see in the environment - it's a game I like to play when I'm out shooting since it forces me to pay attention to my surroundings. The hikers we passed were very interested in why I was taking pictures of the ground cover - one even asked if I was a geologist. If only - I can't tell stump from a rock. Well, maybe I can, but only if they're different colored.