June 2017: Scotland!

What with the negative temps that have been going on recently (hello -20, how I've missed you) it's been a great time to play editing catchup. Right in time for my brother's birthday I've finally had a chance to go through all the gorgeous shots I got of our trip to Scotland.

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Aug 26 2017: Sarah and Jeff's Wedding at the Notch House

This past August I had the wonderful opportunity to travel up north to Lake Willoughby and boy was I excited. Not only because I was going to capture some truly beautiful scenery, but mostly because Sarah and Jeff (and Marley the dog of course) are awesome, so I knew their wedding was gonna be awesome too.

I was more than right about that. Sarah and Jeff are some of the most detail oriented people I know, and every part of their big day was literally made by hand - right down to the labels on their wine bottles. It was nuts. Also they had the largest wedding party I've ever worked with (20+ people!) and they were all awesome. I even got to use a megaphone at one point, so suffice it to say I had a blast.

The best part of all was how much love I got to capture. You could really tell that every single person at this wedding really love Sarah and Jeff, which really isn't a surprise. These two are so full of warmth and are truly some of the nicest people I know. There's a reason their wedding party was so huge, and I'm sure no small part of that is how much their friends and family mean to them. It was such a great day to be a part of.

Fun fact: Jeff's friends really enjoyed picking him up. Often.


Also I think their wedding wins hands down for best dance party pictures

Oh look at that they picked Jeff up again.

Congrats again Sarah and Jeff! Thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing day!

July 15th 2017: Allison and Peter's Field Days Nuptials

You know those gorgeous summer days you just never want to end? Well to everyone's surprise, we got one this past July on Allison and Peter's wedding day at the Franklin County Field Days barn. It couldn't have been a more perfect day for two of my favorite people to tie the knot and throw a pretty killer party.

I was lucky enough to be a part of documenting the whole day for two of my friends. The couple really wanted for me to be more of a 'guest' then a 'professional,' and working with these two and their closest friends and relatives was so much fun it barely felt like work at all. And I think it really shows in their pictures.

Getting ready always has some chaos to it, but Allison's home was especially packed to the the brim with so many ladies. Despite that, everyone was so excited to be together that the vibe was just fun the entire time. I was pretty astonished at first, but if you know Allison and her family it really shouldn't come as a surprise.

The boys getting ready was a much more somber affair, but I think that mainly had to do with the amount of concentration it took to get those suits done up right.

Allison and Peter decided on doing a first look before the ceremony, so that the reception could be spent with their guests as much as possible.


What's better than the bride and groom dancing down the aisle? The rest of the wedding party dancing down the aisle too.


The reception was such a blast - not only did the lawn games include a giant Jenga set, but there was so.much.food. Two different vendors were on site making pizza and so many kinds of sliders. I may have been too preoccupied eating it all to think to get a picture of it...

One little surprise Allison and Peter set up was having an ice cream truck show up during the reception. It surprised enough people that a few of us thought they were crashing the wedding.

Congratulations Allison and Peter! <3

Four Year Anniversary, and a Baby Announcement!

Guess what? I'm going to be an aunt! And guess what else? I get to take pictures!

Rissa and Joe were super kind and humored me and my insane need to do everything baby related - the announcement is only the beginning here guys. But when your sister is as much of a natural in front of the camera as mine, you really can't help it.


I mean look at that laugh, that stuff's contagious.

Of course the dogs had to be there for the family photo, which is fine by me because dogs = photographic gold


Happy four year anniversary you lovebirds, I'm so excited for you guys <3

Allison and Peter: A Winter Engagement

You know how it's finally starting to get warm out? Let's take moment to harken back to a time when that was solidly not the case. Like this quaint little engagement I shot back in March and just finally got around to editing!

Allison and Peter actually got engaged in the spring of last year, but we thought doing their engagement shoot in the winter would be a *magical* experience. Beside almost loosing one of the dogs in the river, I'd say we had a grand old time.

You know what a great bonding experience is?

Building creepy snowmen.

Hands down.

I'll be photographing their big day this summer, and based on how much fun we had playing in the snow I'd say their wedding will be tons o' fun.


The Pet Project

You know what the best icebreaker is for me? Pets. If you even mention you have a dog you will not be able to get me to leave you alone until I know every single thing about them. I will get to know your pets on a much more personal level than I will with people. Just being honest.

I do find that if I have my camera with me and an animal appears, on a shoot or otherwise, I will interrupt whatever I'm doing to photograph them. They're just such natural models and I can't help myself. So I shouldn't have been that surprised when I found myself, on more than one occasion, scheduling photoshoots for people's pets. I've never considered myself an "animal photographer," but then again I'm not really a specialized photographer either, so why not include pets?

I've done so many of these now that I'm making it official. This is The Pet Project.

Let me know if you're interested ;-)


Catapult and Cannonball

Sampson and Sapphire


Harvey and Gideon